Smartest Dumbest Guy in the Room Syndrome

Posted by Walt Brown on Aug 3, 2018 11:24:00 AM


“Man, I'm only using 60% of my brain at work, and it stinks!”

Above is a comment from Bob, a friend and former Integrator of an EOS client of mine. My client sold her company and Bob moved on to the same position in another company.

"I'm checking 40% of my brain at the Door." Bob says of his new company.

Bob’s new company is self-implementing EOS - i.e. tearing a proven methodology apart by cherry picking the tools from a proven system, that the owner feels “fit his organization best." A clear sign of: The Smartest, Dumbest Guy in the Room Syndrome (SDG).

This means there is a Smartest Guy in the room, who is actually the dumbest guy in the room, because of one fact: The SDG (Smartest Dumbest Guy) is not focusing on ensuring his teammates are bringing their whole brain to work. He doesn’t know why, he doesn’t even know that he doesn’t even know. Thus, he is the Smartest, Dumbest Guy in the room.

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